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📌 JUBILEE adapted from Derek Jarman’s film by Chris Goode

Directed by Chris Goode

Rehearsals: 2nd October 2017

First preview: 2nd Nov / Press Night: 7th Nov / Final performance: 18th Nov 2017

Playing now.

📌 GUYS & DOLLS  based on a story & characters by Damon Runyon. Music & lyrics by Frank Loesser, Book by Jo Swerling & Abe Burrows

a coproduction between Royal Exchange and Talawa Theatres

This production will be set in Harlem, NY with an all black cast

Directed by Michael Buffong, Music Supervisor: Nigel Lilley, Choreographer: Kenrick Sandy

Rehearsals: 23rd October 2017

First preview: 2nd Dec / Press Night: 6th Dec / Final performance: 27th Jan or 3rd Feb 2018

Casting directors: Jerry Knight-Smith and Vicky Richardson.

Casting is complete. Rehearsals have begun.

📌 THE ALMIGHTY SOMETIMES a new play by Kendall Feaver and recipiemt of the ‘Judges Award’ at the 2015 Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting.

In her own words:

Directed by Katy Rudd.

Rehearsals 8th January 2018

Plays in the Royal Exchange Main House 8th-24th February 2018.

Casting directors: Jerry Knight-Smith and Vicky Richardson.

📌 FRANKENSTEIN  by Mary Shelley in a new adaptation by April De Angelis.

Directed by Matthew Xia.

Rehearsals (all in Manchester) begin 30th January

Previews from 2nd March / Press Night 8th March

Closes 28th March 2018.

Casting directors: Jerry Knight-Smith and Vicky Richardson.

Casting is almost complete 

📌 MOUNTAINS  a new play In-Sook Chappell, adapted from Helen Tse's book, SWEET MANDARIN

It charts the lives of three generations of remarkable Chinese women taking us from village life in mainland China, to 1930/40s Hong Kong and then by boat voyage, finally to the UK…  A tale of past, present and future family. And great cooking...

It's a coproduction between the Royal Exchange Theatre, Yellow Earth and Black Theatre Live.

Directed by Jennifer Tang.

Rehearsals (all in Manchester) from 19th February 2018

Preview/Press at Royal Exchange Studio: 22nd March/26th March 2018

Close at Royal Exchange: 7th April 2018

Re-rehearse at Stratford Circus Arts Centre, London: 9th April 2018

First/final performances at Stratford: 18th/21st April 2018

Further national tour dates: 23rd April to 2nd June 2018

A 15 week contract.

Casting director: Jerry Knight-Smith CDG.

HELEN (Female) Playing age: 26 - 30. Chinese

British born Chinese. Nearly 30. Describes herself as "the English girl who grew up in a chippy" ( a takeaway in Middleton, Manchester...)
She's now a successful lawyer/business woman who is in Hong Kong to make money in property as the play opens. She is joined by her grandmother, Lily, who guides her through her own life in HK 40 years previously and in mainland China before that... Sometimes she witnesses this story as a bystander and sometimes she takes her grandmother's place in the action. Granddaughter and grandmother are 'spiritual twins'. Helen finds her way through the life story of Lily.
A Central Role.

LILY (Female)  Playing age: 38 - 48. Chinese

Chinese woman. Her life story is the dramatic backbone of the play. We see it at many stages (hence an actor in her middle age; 40s) from poor girl out of Southern China arriving in HK by ferry with all her possessions in one large bundle, working as a maid, marrying a charming womaniser, enduring poverty, occupation & violence, having two children, emigrating to Britain, building a successful restaurant business, then succumbing to hubris and gambling...
A huge life.
A Central Role

LEUNG / KWOK CHAN (Male)  Playing age: 30 - 35. Chinese

LEUNG: is Lily's father, a long time ago in the slums of Guangzhou. A peasant who dared to want more for himself and his family and who makes and sells his own special brand of soy sauce... subsequently murdered by other jealous merchants.
KWOK CHAN: is Lily's husband in HK, marries after the war. A flirtatious ladies' man. A drinker and a gambler too. Helen's grandfather.

KIT YE / TAI PO / MRS LEE (Female)  Playing age: 38 - 48. Chinese

TAI PO: is Lily's mother, a long time ago in the slums of Guangzhou...
KIT YE: is Lily's great friend. Stylish & fabulous. We see her on the sea voyage from HK to England in the early 1960s. She teaches Helen to play Mah Jong, as she has done Lily before... (it's a gambling game and Lily's undoing..)
MRS LEE: Elegant, wealthy, Chinese, 40s. Adopts Lily's second child who she cannot afford to keep...

HIDEKI & JAPANESE SOLDIER (Male)  Playing age: 25 - 30. Japanese

HIDEKI: is a rich Japanese/American banker who dates Helen. Successful, arrogant. 
JAPANESE SOLDIER: a violent squaddie who beats & tortures Lily during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during WW2.


A smaller line of parts:
WAITRESS; in the Palace Casino in Manchester.
MABEL: is Lily's daughter and Helen's mother. We hear her as a child towards the end of the play.
GONG: is 30, beautiful, flirtatious. She is Kwok Chan's mistress later in the play - no lines.

Playing age: 25 - 30. Chinese

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